Continente Dorado is an Australian ethical label offering one-of-a-kind accessories from the Continent of Gold. Every piece is handcrafted by artisans in South America using natural textiles and dyes. Our designs are a fusion of contemporary design based on traditional craftsmanship.
Launched in 2018, we saw a gap in the market for handmade accessories that were versatile, good quality, and environmentally friendly.
We at Continente Dorado aim to embrace ancestral stories and inspire our customers to connect with the artisans.
We believe that culture connects people!


Here at Continente Dorado, we are on a mission of empowering artisans through financial stability and resources to improve their quality of life. As well as to help reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. We value people and the planet in every area of our supply chain.

For every purchase made at Continente Dorado, we donate 10% to BeWe Community in Colombia. BeWe is a not-for-profit organisation that helps communities in a state of vulnerability by providing access to clean water, education, and infrastructure through an OASIS Methodology. 

La Guajira, Colombia, is highly sensitive to climatic variations and experiences chronic droughts therefore water scarcity is their main problem.

 100% of your donations go to supply water filters to families and children to facilitate access to clean water.


Artisans of Narino

More than 50% of the population in Narino, Colombia, are artisans. They weave a natural fiber Iraca Palm. The ancestral heritage that involves its transformation has been transmitted from generation to generation. Their beautiful pieces are what make them pay for their living.

Indigenous Wayuu

More than 800 artisans inhabit the northern peninsula of La Guajira, Colombia. The Wayuu crochet techniques involve the use of a needle to wrap around a set of threats. Single or double threat. The Wayuu women spend most of their time weaving “ mochila” handbags using their traditional techniques and patterns.

Artisan name: Gabriel Epiayu from the Kayetamana Community. Gabriel and his sisters weave our straps.

Mompox Artisans

 Mompox is well known for its fine precious metalsmithing, especially for its filigree art. This technique has been passed down from generations since the Spanish Colonies. The secret behind filigree is the details and the people who make every piece with love and passion.

Artisan: The workshop of Ivonne & Julio.


Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. Alejandra has a Bachelor’s in Advertising. She moved to Australia at the age of 23 to complete her studies with an MBA in Marketing. Her love for fashion and social impact drew her to handicrafts. After seeing the challenges, indigenous people face every day in her home country,  she thought that something had to change. Through Continente Dorado, she seeks to provide financial stability to these communities. For Alejandra, the philosophy of sustainability should be part of every business model.
-Alejandra Abondano, Founder & Creative Director


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